About Us

In Vino Veritas is owned by two good friends, Jackson Duncan and Reagon Noble, who came to own a wine business in a somewhat unconventional way.


“Our friendship grew over many glasses of wine at In Vino Veritas over the years and in 2013 the two of us, with our spouses, Sarah and Dree, decided to take a wine trip to Chile and Argentina to explore one our passions. After an amazing ten days of wonderful food, beautiful wines, and great company we came back to San Angelo with a renewed love for wine and life. As fate would have it, after only a few weeks back from South America, Steve Wilkins informed me he was interested in selling the wine bar. The rest, I would say, is history.” -Jackson Duncan


In Vino Veritas is one of the largest wine boutiques in West Texas, offering not only wine by the bottle, but also wine by the glass and daily tastings. If you’re looking for a relaxing atmosphere, to just sit back and enjoy a glass of wine with friends, In Vino is the perfect spot!

In addition to daily tastings, we have monthly events in the form of wine dinners, special tastings, and pairing events. We also create gift baskets, which makes your gift shopping easy and hassle free.


We offer unique wines from all over the world. From high-end, hard to find wines, to affordable, quality everyday drinkers, we have wine for everyone.


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